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DOMDARIS is a school where a relationship-based environment allows students, teachers, and school staff to be themselves, develop, accept others, and learn through experiencing education.

We are convinced that liking and the desire to come to school are based on relationships within emotionally and physically safe environment. If a student has friendly and respectful relationships with both fellow students and teachers, they will learn the teacher's curriculum and new skills. Together with preschoolers and students, we diligently learn to be friends and treat each other with respect to make our time together enjoyable. This is a challenging and time-consuming task that may work or not, but we openly communicate, learn what we don't know, seek help at school and outside of school to find mutual solutions.


The school's name is formed from three action words - Think! Do! Create! - which preschoolers and students practice in their daily school activities throughout the learning process.


Think - ask, observe, analyze, conclude, and plan!
Do - explore, discover, and implement the planned!
Create - use acquired knowledge and skills, experiment, and realize ideas!

School values

The school's activities are based on three values - growth, responsibility, and community.

These values come to life from mutual collaboration among the parties involved in the educational process (teacher, student, and parents). DOMDARIS sees this collaboration as a mutual effort for the child's development. In broad it ensures approaches that meet learning needs, creating a friendly and supportive environment, fostering mutual and respectful communication about the student's achievements and challenges, and involving students in decision-making.





Our community is brought together by four major events where preschool and school families come together to meet and celebrate.

The first meeting occurs before the start of the school year during the Parent Class Evening. Preschool and school parents learn about current matters for the upcoming academic year, participate in educational lectures, and gather for an informal afternoon.

The second significant meeting is the Knowledge Day Garden Festival on September 1st. On this day, preschool children and their families meet at 10AM, while students and their families gather at 1PM. Students attend their first class while parents bring refreshments for the celebration table in the schoolyard and gather for meetings and conversations.

The third major meeting takes place just before Christmas when senior students, along with the school team, organize the event "DOMDARIS enlightens. Students create decorations, prepare performances, lead the event, and handle many other technical aspects to ensure its success.

The fourth significant meeting is on the school's Family Day in May. A Saturday in May when we gather for creative and sports activities. During this day in 2024, we will celebrate the school’s 10th anniversary. The parents have already dubbed this event as the DOMDARIS festival.

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